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  1. What is a Tile Insert Drain?

    What is a Tile Insert Drain?
    A most popular drain choice for modern bathroom, balcony and swimming pool projects is the tile insert strip drain. What are they? Tile insert linear strip drains feature an area above the drain tray that is designed to fit your tile of choice to give the area a minimal aesthetic appearance and conceal the drain. Benefits Strip drains are also...
  2. What is a Heel Guard Grate?

    What is a Heel Guard Grate?
    A Heel guard is a type of grate drain that is commonly used in public spaces where Work Health & Safety non-slip surface regulations apply. Where is a Heel Guard used? A non-slip heel guard is commonly installed in high traffic pedestrian areas such as public walk ways and urban pavements. Heel guards are often used by government organisations that...
  3. Floor and Shower Waste FAQs

    Floor and Shower Waste FAQs
    What is a Shower Waste? A shower (or bathroom floor waste) is another name for the drain that removes water from the shower or bathroom floor area. The name reflects its purpose, of removing waste water. They come in many varieties including the classic round point drain, to the more modern tile insert square drain. How does it Work? Shower...
  4. 10 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

    10 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles
    With an array of colours, shapes, sizes, patterns and textures to choose from, selecting the right tile for your bathroom can seem overwhelming at first. Read on for our tips and guide to making the right selection for your bathroom, and be satisfied with your choice for years to come. 1. Drain type When choosing a drain, a traditional round...
  5. How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?

    How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?
    If you’re just beginning to plan your bathroom renovation, you’re ready to consider your budget and learn how much a bathroom reno actually costs. Bathroom renovations, for the novice, can be an overwhelming task, with regulations, plumbing, electrical and tiling to be considered. We recommend consulting a professional for your bathroom renovation. Depending on the type of renovation, the average...
  6. How to Clear your Linear Drain (Strip Drain)

    How to Clear your Linear Drain (Strip Drain)
    By way of design, strip drains drains get dirty. As your bathroom, balcony or pool waste water removal point, naturally over time, linear drains need to be cleaned as they collect hair, dirt and soap residue. Using items found around the home, you can easily and conveniently clean your drain and have it functioning just like new in no time...
  7. Bathroom Floor Waste Regulations NSW

    Bathroom Floor Waste Regulations NSW
    Did you know there are bathroom regulations that apply to the renovation and construction of bathrooms in NSW, Australia? If you’re renovating your bathroom or building a new home, you’ll need to be across the NSW regulations to assist you in choosing the right trades services, ot completing the work yourself. In this article, we’re covering regulations such as: Floor...
  8. Bathroom Drain Smells? Learn How To Fix It

    Bathroom Drain Smells? Learn How To Fix It
    Have you caught a whiff of something not right coming from your bathroom drain or floor waste? Before contacting a plumber, follow these simple steps to try fix the problem yourself first by cleaning your drain¹. What causes a bathroom drain to smell? There are several reasons your bathroom drain might start to smell. Mould growth on the inside of...
  9. Where should a linear shower grate be placed?

    Where should a linear shower grate be placed?
    Installing a linear drain can be much simpler and faster than installing a point drain. Point Drains Traditional round central drains for showers, also known as point drains, are usually installed in the centre of the shower with floors sloping from all four sides into the middle, creating more work as more tiles are needing to be cut to angles...
  10. Driveway Drain Grate Types

    Driveway Drain Grate Types
    Effective and efficient driveway drainage can be achieved with a classic stainless steel wedge wire grate drainage system (linear drain). Our wedge wire grate drain can be custom made to order to suit residential driveway use and commercial driveway use. All our products are manufactured from marine grade 316L stainless steel and meet Australian standards. Our high-quality design and fabrication...

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