Stainless Steel

  1. Commercial Drainage

    Commercial Drainage

    Effective drainage can reduce maintenance costs by avoiding pooling water that can cause safety issues and damage to property over time. Installing the right drainage system in the first instance will alleviate costly drainage problems for years to come. The strip drain is a popular choice for commercial drainage across areas including: Government Transport Business Public Hospitality Internal and external...
  2. Tea Staining & Stainless Steel Surfaces

    Tea Staining & Stainless Steel Surfaces

    Stainless steel is used as a durable and attractive material in construction, for wet areas, marine environments, commercial and residential buildings and more. Its anti-corrosion properties make it an ideal choice for use in areas that are exposed to salt water and air, such as the coastal region of the East Coast of Australia. From non-slip flooring, to guard rails...
  3. Electropolishing: The Perfect Finish for Stainless Steel Drains

    Electropolishing: The Perfect Finish for Stainless Steel Drains

    All our strip drains are manufactured from 316L Grade Marine Stainless Steel. To add the perfect finish to our drains, we use specialist equipment to electropolish the stainless steel to eliminate burrs and uneven surfaces to produce a superior surface finish. What is Electropolishing? Electropolishing¹, also known as  electrochemical polishinganodic polishingor electrolytic polishing, Is a process we use to reduce...

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