Linear drainage is now a key feature in many Australian bathrooms and homes, and is the premier choice for stylish yet effective waste water removal.

What’s a linear drainage cover?

A linear drain cover is the top section that attractively conceals the strip drain. It’s most commonly fabricated from stainless steel and can feature a tray that has a space to insert a tile to match the surrounding tiling.

The cover of the drain¹ is then protected from allowing large debris to enter the drainage system, whilst still allowing effective and efficient removal of waste water.

Linear drainage offers an aesthetically pleasing solution to a traditional point drain, and can be placed conspicuously against a wall, with only 1 (one) gradient required.

Linear drainage covers can also be fabricated from brass to match tapware and other fittings and plumbing.

Linear drain covers are also known as tile insert covers, grate drain covers or strip drain covers.

What’s a linear drainage system?

A linear drainage system is the entire drain, cover, tray and plumbing system that is designed to remove waste water from wet areas such as bathroom showers, balconies and swimming pools.

You can read more on our recent blog post, including the required slope for a linear drain.

What’s the standard size?

Linear drainage comes in any custom size and outlet configuration, with the most popular width being 96mm.

With the linear straight edge design, less cuts are needed, reducing tiling costs and therefore overall project budget.

What’s the best drain cover?

We only manufacture drains using marine grade/hospital grade 316L stainless steel. It’s the most durable and long lasting material for the job, and makes for the best drains.

What to look for?

Look for the flexibility to choose your drain cover type, width, depth and outlet position. This will ensure you don’t compromise on your project design and you get the most effective water drainage possible.


Linear drainage covers are tough yet attractive covers for the modern style linear strip drain. They come in a variety of sizes and finishes that will be sure to suit your project. You can price them on our online store, or contact us today for your enquiry.