Balconies and patios are typically limited when is comes to space, and we find many of our tilers and builders are looking for easy ways to make the most of the small area available.

In today’s blog post, we’re covering some of the most simple and effective space saving ideas for your balcony project. Read on to learn more…

Space Saving Drains

Choosing a linear drain that can be positioned out of the way, against a wall is an extremely effective way to open up your balcony space. Traditional point drains require several gradients and a central location to remove water. This can interrupt tiling and visual space. Choosing a strip drain can conceal the dain with a tile insert style cover, and also only requires one gradient to divert water into the drain.

Paved or Tiled

Generally balconies offer a concrete finish, which can be polished smooth, or treated with a matte finish. Installing tiles or pavers over the concrete can make the space look bigger with a clever choice of tile and grout finish. Choosing a large square tile or an elongated large tile can create a visual illusion that the space is larger than it appears.

A strip drain is the best choice for a drain to pair with large tiles, due to the single gradient and ability to use a tile insert cover that conceals the drain against a wall.

Table or Bar

Including a slim bar or table that can be placed against a wall is a cost effective way to maximise the space available on your balcony. Chairs can be specifically chosen to tuck neatly under the table when not in use. Opt for natural materials such as wood and steel to compliment your space.

Vertical Gardens

Are you a plant lover? Pots take up a lot of floor real estate. There are myriad ready made options available for vertical gardens that could grow flowers, succulents, or even a kitchen garden with herbs and small edible varieties such as fancy lettuce. Remember, veggies and herbs need plenty of water and fertiliser, and consider positioning your garden away from harsh afternoon western sun to avoid burning the leaves during hot Summer days.

You could even build your own vertical garden using hanging pots and a simple rail screwed to a wall.

At a Glance

The easiest ways to maximise patio and balcony space are to install linear drains, choose large tiles, and tuck furniture and pot plants against a wall.To learn more about our most popular strip drain¹  products for balconies, please contact our knowledgeable sales team today. We manufacture our drains to order, no project is too small or to large, so speak with us today to get your drain project underway.