The modern floor waste is sleek and slim, and offers a functional yet attractive way to effectively remove waste water from your bathroom.

Every bathroom needs one, so why not choose from one of myriad modern and practical options.


Choosing a square shape drain allows for fewer tile cuts and a more even gradient finish. Although there are modern options for the circular point drain, if you’re choosing a square or rectangular tile, we recommend also choosing a square drain, such as the tile insert floor waste to compliment your choice of bathroom tile.


Marine Grade stainless steel remains the most popular material choice for floor waste. Its corrosion resistant properties make it ideal for bathrooms. Beware of choosing a floor waste with hidden plastic parts to ensure no weak spots. Your drain should be 100% Stainless steel, including the tray, outlet and cover.


You have the flexibility to choose your own outlet size. Our floor waste can be manufactured to suit the following outlet sizes:

  • 50mm
  • 76mm
  • 89mm


While our tile insert floor waste remains the most popular choice for residential bathrooms, there is also a grate drain that is popular for commercial projects or areas where a large volume of water needs to be removed.

Here are the two cover options:

How does it Work?

Shower waste’s work the same as a kitchen sink drain. They allow water to escape the shower via an entry point, while keeping the system sealed with water to maintain a steady water removal rate.


The most popular size for a floor waste is 120mm x 120mm. This size allows plenty of space for a waste pipe and drain to be fitted, and provide effective water removal.

It also allows ample room for a matching tile piece to be fitted to the tile insert tray.

Is a Floor Waste Essential?

Usually, yes. There are strict mandated rules regarding the use of floor wastes. You can read more about the regulations in our recent article.


Do you have questions to ask about floor wastes? Contact our specialist team today for the right product advice.