A low profile drain is a type of channel drain that is plumbed into the floor and sits flush with the surface.

Shallow low profile drains are frequently chosen when the depth available at the construction site is minimal, which may result from various factors such as a thin layer of concrete, obstructing mechanical devices, or plumbing installations.


There are 2 common types of drains that fit the low profile category. Both manufactured from 316L Stainless steel and both offering an attractive and effective waste water removal system.

  • Tile Insert Drain - features a space at the top of the drain cover for a piece of tile to be installed.
  • Slot or Grate drain - traditional strip drain featuring a stainless steel grill or slot style cover.


Low profile drains are a popular choice for indoor and outdoor use and are often selected for the aesthetic appeal.

The flat profile offers benefits for not only concealing the drain, but elimination of trip and slip hazards.

Low profile drains are most often selected for use as a:

  • Swimming pool drain
  • Bathroom drain
  • Shower drain
  • Balcony drain


Low profile drains offer the following benefits:

  • Safer: trip and slip hazards are minimised
  • Aesthetic: concealing the drains offers a modern finish
  • Low maintenance: cleaning low profile drains is easy, simply lift the cover, no special tools required.
  • Single gradient for install: reduce installation costs and improve options for drain placement


The superior choice of material for low profile drain manufacture is stainless steel. A drain fabricated from 100% stainless steel eliminates the use of plastic drains and fittings that can perish over time.

low profile drain

Longevity and durability are key features of drains manufactured from stainless steel. Not only are they built to last, but look great in any application where fast and effective drainage is required.


Low profile drains are an attractive and cost effective drain option that is designed with safety and durability in mind. Learn more about Strip Drains’ range of low profile drains by contacting us today.