While the most popular choice for lineal strip drain material is stainless steel, however anyone choosing a bathroom renovation project that’s wanting a classic gold look for tapware and drainage should choose a brass strip drain.

Why is brass an ideal metal for drain fabrication?

Brass¹ is a shiny alloy of copper and zinc, and may also contain very small amounts of other elements such as aluminium and silicon.

It’s particularly useful due to its lower melting point, making it an excellent choice for laser cutting and folding. Both of which are required for strip drain fabrication.

Brass has long been a popular choice for plumbing and tapware due to its favourable industrial fabrication qualities.

Due to brass’ highly reflective yellow surface, not all metal fabricators are equipped to manufacture brass, as specialist equipment is required.

The shiny gold finish is an excellent choice for a highlight feature when choosing a neutral tile palette, including grey, black or white.

The polished surface gives a textural aspect to your bathroom design and adds depth and interest to the aesthetic.

Common uses

Brass is a popular choice as an industrial metal for fabricating :

  • Locks
  • Hinges
  • Gears
  • Bearings
  • ammunition casings
  • Plumbing
  • hose couplings
  • Valves
  • electrical plugs and sockets.


Brass linear drains are equally as customisable as stainless steel strip drains. Depending on your project, the drains are manufactured in a variety of widths and heights, plus choose your outlet size and position before submitting your order for your bathroom project.

Choosing a manufacturer

When choosing your brass strip drain manufacturer, ensure their factory is equipped to fabricate brass in-house, from the design stage, to manufacture and delivery. This will save you time and budget on your bathroom project.

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