A most popular drain choice for modern bathroom, balcony and swimming pool projects is the tile insert strip drain.

What are they?

Tile insert linear strip drains feature an area above the drain tray that is designed to fit your tile of choice to give the area a minimal aesthetic appearance and conceal the drain.


Strip drains are also highly effective and efficient at removing waste water and offer many practicalities over a point drain. The benefits include:

  • Single gradient required for drainage, meaning less cost for install
  • Can be installed in various locations, not limiting the choice
  • Concealment of drain
  • Match your bathroom tile


Strip drains come in whatever length you require, with 3 standard widths:

Depending on the drain you choose, there are limitations on the continuous length of each strip. For example a tile insert drain surrounding a family sized swimming pool would require the installation of at least two lengths of drain. On the longest side.


Tile insert drains are manufactured from the following two metal alloys¹:

Both alloys are superior choices for drain products due to their rust resistant and welding or fabrication properties.

The decision between the two is purely for aesthetics and to match your tapware or tile colour scheme.

How to Install

We recommend hiring a professional to install your drain, and we cover the installation process on our blog post.

How to open

The tile insert cover can be lifted out of place to enable easy cleaning and maintenance. The tile insert cover is designed to fit snugly into the tray to avoid accidental movement.

You can also learn about cleaning your drain and maintenance on our blog

Learn more

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