A Heel guard is a type of grate drain that is commonly used in public spaces where Work Health & Safety non-slip surface regulations apply.

Where is a Heel Guard used?

A non-slip heel guard is commonly installed in high traffic pedestrian areas such as public walk ways and urban pavements.

Heel guards are often used by government organisations that have safety standards mandated and must be approved for use by pedestrian, wheelchair and vehicle traffic if required.

Heel guards are also often used in commercial settings such as factory floor areas that require both pedestrian and vehicle access. 


Heel guards need to be not only an effective drainage system, but need to be:

  • Accessible
  • Anti-slip
  • Able to withstand traffic and load ratings
  • Offer a minimal aesthetic to match the surrounding environment.


Our heel guards are manufactured to standard from durable 316L Grade Stainless Steel. We use 316L Grade stainless steel (marine grade) for its resistance to tarnishing and superior welding properties.

All our heel guards are made in Australia, manufactured at our premises in Sydney NSW.

The custom finishing offers a neat and fuss-free functional appearance, that does not distract from any surroundings.

Our manufacturing business offer the highest quality heel guard products and features the latest in Stainless steel manufacturing technology to ensure precision and durability.

Contact us today to learn more about our non-slip heel guard products and our full range of grate drain products.