Why do you need effective drainage around your swimming pool?

Water that collects around your swimming pool, from splashes, rain, or other backyard water runoff needs to be effectively and efficiently evacuated for health and safety reasons.

Pool drains

During normal drainage, water splashes from either the pool, rain water or garden hose to the surrounding pool area, to either a point drain or linear drain¹ around the top of the pool. Drains need to be located on the lowest point around the pool, so the surrounding pool surface slants toward the drain.

Inefficient drainage results in contaminated external water, such as garden overflow, entering your pool, and also risks overflowing if excess pool water overwhelms an inadequate drain.

Installing linear strip drains for swimming pool drainage not only addresses the need for a safe pool area, but provides a sleek, modern finish to the look and aesthetic of your swimming pool area. Fabricated from the highest quality 316L grade aluminium, our strip drains are available in two finish types to complete your pool project. Tile insert drains allow you to match the surrounding tile for a hidden, infinity look, or stainless wedge wire drains offer a simple yet stylish drainage feature. Both styles provide superior drainage options for your swimming pool.

The advantage of a linear drain is only one gradient is required, unlike a point drain that requires several gradients to drain effectively.


The benefits of using strip drains for your swimming pool drainage include:

Cleaner pool

Any waste water that collects around your pool can introduce dirt or debris to your pool water. Installing strip drains allows for removal of dirty waste water via a drain, leaving your pool clean and free of run off debris.


Water pooling around your pool can cause a slip hazard. Fast and effective water drainage, paired with a gradient sloping away from your swimming pool edges can eliminate water pooling hazards immediately. 

Complete drainage solution

Utilising strip drains around your swimming pool area allows for drainage to be installed around the entire perimeter of your pool area. Unlike spot drains or French drains that slope to a central point, strip drains can be installed with a single gradient slope.

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