Are you still manufacturing strip drains during COVID-19?

Yes! We’re still open during the COVID-19 crisis. We’re a family owned and operated stainless steel drain manufacturing company located in Heathcote, just south of Sydney, NSW. Our workshop continues to safely fabricate the highest quality stainless steel linear drains for your bathroom, balcony, swimming pool, driveway or shower project. We’re complying with all laws, health and sanitisation regulations during this time, including abiding by physical distancing laws.

Order your drains online

Our contactless ordering system allows you to order and pay for your strip drains online with the cost-effective option of flat rate delivery across Australia for just $25. Or you can choose contactless pickup from our workshop in Heathcote. You can also phone your order through, if you need advice or recommendations, by speaking directly with the owners, Gary or Greg, on 1300 308 893 , or email

Are your drains locally made in Australia?

Yes! Unlike some drain suppliers, all our linear drains are made right here in Sydney, Australia. We don’t import our drains, each order is custom designed and manufactured. Now more than ever, is the time to support your local manufacturing businesses. Our products are competitively priced, and you can complete your renovation or building project knowing your linear drains have been 100% made in Australia, supporting local Australian businesses and families. 

What popular projects and renovations can I complete with a strip drain?

Linear strip drains offer a sleek, clean look for your tiling and drain project. Projects that can be enhanced with strip drains include:

  • Swimming pool strip drain - gives a functional, minimal infinity horizon look to your pool area
  • Grate drain - great for external areas such as your balcony
  • Bathroom drain - choose a tile insert drain to match your bathroom tiles and conceal your drain along a wall or under your vanity
  • Floor waste - a tile insert drain 100mm x 100mm square to match your tiles

Contact us today for all your drain enquiries.