If you’re in the market for a strip drain product, you’ll most likely have found strip drain products fabricated from several materials, including:

Benefits of Stainless Steel

In this blog post, we’re covering your key benefits of choosing a drain fabricated from stainless steel.


When comparing strip drain materials, Marine Grade Stainless Steel¹ is the most durable choice. Every component of our strip drain product is manufactured from stainless steel, meaning we don’t use any plastic components in the outlet or tray that could perish and crack over time, creating a weak point and reducing the life span of the drain. When selecting your drain manufacturer, keep an eye out for a full stainless construction to ensure your drain remains corrosion resistant for the lifetime of your drain.


Stainless drains are nonporous and offer ease of cleaning. The cover lifts off and the drain can be routinely cleaned with a variety of household cleaning products, including some you might find in your pantry.


Stainless is the material of choice for both residential and commercial projects such as kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pools. Stainless steel can offer resistance against heavier loads and better resistance to extreme temperatures.

Due to its corrosion resistance, stainless steel is also a better option for applications where the drain may come into contact with chemicals.

Our drains are built to withstand high flow wet areas such as showers and balconies, offering fast and effective removal of water.

Sleek finish

Stainless Steel offers the most sleek and aesthetically pleasing finish for your drain. You can choose between the classic wedge wire, or slot drain cover, or opt for a hidden cover with a tile insert drain feature.

Cost effective

Choosing a stainless steel drain is the most cost effective choice with regards to longevity and custom design options. Stainless steel will be your most durable material over time, reducing the need to replace a cracked or broken plastic or concrete drain.


Stainless is the most durable, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing drain material. If you have any queries regarding the benefits of stainless steel drains, speak with our expert team today to discuss your needs.