The original linear drain concept was designed for commercial use with fewer moving parts than traditional drains. Concrete linear drains were first utilised at airports where large areas of concrete and asphalt require efficient and effective drainage, and need to withstand the weight of heavy traffic. Linear drains feature a trough or channel that collects and drains water from the length of the drain via a small linear opening, flowing efficiently to the waste outlet.

Modern stainless strip drains, use an adaptation of the same concept as commercial drainage, but with a sleek and aesthetically pleasing look that complements minimal bathroom and wet area design.

Aside from the practicalities of a strip drain, including superior drainage and more options for placement, linear strip drains have become a popular choice for residential bathroom renovations, pool, and balcony projects.

Residential and commercial strip drains also give you the choice of two finishes or looks to complete your bathroom, balcony, or swimming pool project.

  1. Stainless steel grate or wedge wire drain, a classic and durable strip drain option that is functional, strong, and won’t deteriorate. 
  2. Tile insert strip drains, allow a section of your tile to be placed on top of the drain allowing you to achieve an infinity, or concealed drain look that matches your chosen tile.

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