What is a Shower Waste?

A shower (or bathroom floor waste) is another name for the drain that removes water from the shower or bathroom floor area.

The name reflects its purpose, of removing waste water.

They come in many varieties including the classic round point drain, to the more modern tile insert square drain.

How does it Work?

Shower waste’s work the same as a kitchen sink drain. They allow water to escape the shower via an entry point, while keeping the system sealed with water to maintain a steady water removal rate.

What is a Common Shower Waste Size?

A common size for a shower waste is 120mm x 120mm. This size allows plenty of space for the standard 40mm (1½”) waste pipe and drain to be fitted, and provide efficient water removal.

Does a shower need a trap?

Yes. Shower drains do require a trap.

How does the trap work? A trap is a compartment that allows for a small amount of water to be retained in the drain to create a seal from sewer air, that often smells unpleasant, from escaping.

If your shower drain smells, you can read more about fixing that on our recent blog post.

Does my Bathroom Floor also Require a Waste?

That depends. There are strict mandated rules regarding the use of floor wastes. You can read more about this on our recent article.

Want to know more?

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