Strip Drains Tile Insert and Wedge Wire

Strip Drains Sydney

At Strip Drains Sydney, we pride ourselves on keeping your stainless steel linear strip drain purchases and fabrication as simple and cost-effective as possible.

We ship right across Australia and your drains are generally despatched within 72hrs of receiving your order.

All of our material is manufactured from 316L grade stainless steel and folded from 1.6mm sheet material locally made in Australia. This helps us ensure that you receive the highest quality strip drain, be it for your shower, bathroom floor, balcony or your pool and swimming areas.

Our trays are laser cut and CNC folded to produce a quality product resulting in a much stronger linear drain. Our trays come with a slight fall in the base to minimise any pooling water and outlets are available in various sizes which are fully TIG welded to the sub trays. We do not use plastic fittings or glues in the manufacturing process.

For any large orders or specific requirements please email us at and we will endeavour to accommodate your order.

Strip Drain Products

We can produce linear lengths up to 3640mm in length. Longer lengths are TIG welded together, supplied in separate sub trays, or supplied with joining cleats for onsite fixing.

Our factory is based south of Sydney so orders can be picked up directly from the workshop.

When dealing with Strip Drains you deal directly with the owner. I handle the initial inquiries and orders, fabricate the strip drains, and despatch accordingly. In doing so Strip Drains produces a consistent quality Australian made product. Contact Gary on 1300 30 88 93

Drains On Line

Our website makes it easy for you to order and pay for your strip drain on line. If you've got your measurements and specifications ready, buy your drain today and we'll fabricate and despatch your drain to your delivery address.

If you're unsure of your required specifications, get. intouch with us to discuss your needs first, then we can assist you in selecting the right product and size for your bathroom, outdoor, balcony or swimming pool wet area project.

Product Range

Our custom made stainless steel product range includes:

Wedge Wire Drain

Manufactured from 316L Grade stainless steel, our wedge wire drains offer the classic sleek steel grate look that is an excellent choice for residential or commercial linear drain applications.

Wedge wire drains are suitable for installation in your swimming pool area, balcony, driveway, bathroom, shower or any other area that requires fast removal of water.

Tile Insert Drain

Tile insert drains offer all the benefits of wedge wire, but with the option to insert your tile to match your bathroom, shower, pool or balcony tiled area. The tile insert linear drain gives a sleek modern look to your wet area project, while concealing the drain.

Floor Waste

We manufacture square floor waste drains with a tile insert, so you can hide your drain and match the existing or tile choice for your wet area.

Non-slip Heel Guard

Custom made non-slip heel guard is suitable for use in commercial projects with high traffic and public places where OH&S requirements specify non-slip surfaces. We manufacture this product extensively for government departments.

Linear Drains

Linear drains are an extended or elongated drain or floor waste that feature more efficient and effective water removal from a shower, balcony, pool or driveway area. The advantages over a traditional point drain include only one gradient required for cheaper installation, and drain concealment using tile insert type linear drain.

Why use a linear drain or strip drain?

Fabrication of our strip drains, grates, and linear drains is completed using a TIG welding process and passivated (coated to protect) upon completion, resulting in a stainless finish, with high quality welded joins and fittings that will last. Any exposed edges on your drains are polished to a 600G finish to ensure your quality strip drains are also great looking with an aesthetic finish to suit your bathroom, pool, balcony, or driveway drain project.

Our highest quality 316L grade stainless steel strip drains won’t rust, are non-corrosive, and designed to add a quality aesthetic to your shower, pool, balcony or driveway project, with a sleek shiny finish, ready to install.

Linear grates and drains are a popular way to add sleek, custom design look to your bathroom project, horizon swimming pool or bath, walk-in showers and dual/double showers. Our linear strip drains come in several finish options, including tile insert drains, and stainless steel finish strip drains.


Strip Drain Benefits

The benefits of choosing to use our superior strip drain product in your bathroom, balcony or pool area project include:

  1. Made in Australia
    make the choice to support a local small business who fabricates product locally and employs local people.
  2. Manufactured from 316L grade steel
    The most durable, high quality choice for a drain designed to be used in wet areas. We only use marine grade stainless steel to ensure best anti corrosion properties and for ease of welding joins required for your custom made drain. We’ve written a comprehensive article covering why we use only 316L Marine grade stainless steel.
  3. Our premium product meets or exceeds applicable Australian Standards.

Typical application 

  • A linear drain only requires a single slope in the floor to effectively drain water, as opposed to the dish shape needed for a round waste drains.
  • A linear drain can be installed anywhere in the bathroom, no need to centrally locate.
  • More options for plumbing and waterproofing linear drains.
  • Linear drains are a great choice to fit larger tile sizes as they can be custom cut to fit the exact length of your tiled area.
  • Linear drain installation can be simpler and less time consuming, saving you money.