At STRIP DRAINS SYDNEY, we go the extra mile to deliver our goods on time, to a superior quality and at a competitive price.

STRIP DRAINS SYDNEY are a small company located in south Sydney who take pride in our Australian made, quality products.


  • We use only 316 Marine Grade stainless steel with no plastic fittings.
  • We use the precision TIG welding process, and the exposed edges of our trays are electropolished to a 600g finish. 
  • Our wedge wire is made from 316L Marine Grade stainless steel – the most corrosion-resistant stainless steel available for commercial use.

All our Wedge Wire Drains and Tile Insert Drains have an element of customisation (the length and the location of the outlet are unique to every situation), and these cost-effective products are easily ordered with your own measurements via our online store.

If you're unsure of your required specifications or require a Custom Strip Drain, contact us to discuss your needs and for a fast, free quote.

Contact us by phone 1300 30 88 93 or email: info@stripdrains.com.au or gary@stripdrains.com.au for your queries and pricing.