Your balcony or patio area is designed for leisure and enjoyment. If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor space with a minimal, cost effective drainage solution, strip drains or linear drains are an excellent choice to complete your tiled or concrete pavement outdoor area.

Strip Drain Outdoor Usage

Some points to consider when designing, choosing or upgrading your outdoor balcony or patio strip drain include:

  1. Layout of outdoor area

    During the planning phase, it’s critical to consider your drainage type and points for successful and efficient water drainage. Think about your current drainage if applicable and note where any water tends to pool and not drain quickly. Failure to drain water quickly can, over time, lead to damage to tiles or pavers, sinking, and other moisture-related problems. Look for where your downpipes direct water, and consider placing them to direct water downhill or towards a drain. The gradient, or slope is also key when deciding where to install your drains. A benefit of linear strip drains is the gradient can be constant, in one direction, minimising installation costs.
  2. Debris causing blockages

    Our linear strip drains are designed to minimise debris entering your drain system, however keep in mind a large rain event could potentially force debris into your drain and cause a drain to block. Our stainless steel strip drains are designed with a channel for ease of maintenance and cleaning, if your outdoor entertaining area is surrounded by trees and shrubs that produce a large amount of leaf litter.
  3. Choosing the look that suits your project

    There are two main choices for the look or aesthetic of your outdoor area. The tile insert drain allows a place for your matching tile to be inserted into the top of the drain, giving an ‘infinity’ seamless look, or you can opt for a timeless stainless steel grate drain aesthetic to compliment your balcony or patio design.

Get how to advice

If you would like expert advice on your patio or balcony drain project, simply give us a call on 0421 436 360, or email to discuss your specific requirements. We custom make all our drains to order in our workshop, located just south of Sydney, in Heathcote.